A word from Trey:
My goal with the Real Estate Riches Radio Show is to teach KSEV listeners how to build wealth and passive income with real estate. The lessons I’ve learned owning rent houses and apartment complexes are invaluable to less experienced investors. I want to share this knowledge with others, as my mentors did with me. Everyone deserves an opportunity to learn to support their family with passive income streams, as long as they are willing to do the work. Unfortunately many people just don’t have access to someone that has the results they are seeking in this area of life. I hope that each episode of my radio show allows me to reach at least one person that needs this guidance, and that it makes a positive difference in their lives. That is how I would define the Real Estate Riches Radio Show as a success.
It is entirely possible to create a portfolio of real estate that supports all your family’s bills, and leaves wealth to your heirs that they can leverage to educate and mentor your grandchildren, while still providing funding to the charities closest to your heart. I began with no money and a dream, and I have accomplished all of this and more. I could never have done this if I had to search blindly on my own. I found other people who had created enough real estate income to exceed their monthly bills and I learned from their successes. I have helped hundreds of other people do the same thing, and I hope to help hundreds more.

About Trey Stone:

Mr Stone began his real estate career in 1998 with his first single family rental home. Mr. Stone’s first experience in commercial real estate was in 2005, under the mentorship of a close colleague. He has acquired, renovated, stabilized and managed numerous properties in the Greater Houston area.

Mr. Stone served on the Executive Leadership Committee of the Houston Apartment Association from 2010-2014, and was President in 2014. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Apartment Association and National Apartment Association, as well as for the Westchase Management District. Mr. Stone served in a leadership role on the Independent Rental Owner Committee with the National Apartment Association for many years.

Helping apartment owners from around the company access industry education tailored to their needs was his passion in that role. He was the pioneer of creating a designation program for independent owners as part of the Apartment Association, and convinced the NAA to begin a program that would help owners receive the training they needed to “self manage” their multifamily assets.

Mr. Stone was recognized by the Houston Apartment Association as Owner of the Year in 2007, the National Apartment Association Owner of the Year in 2008, and the Texas Apartment Association Owner of the Year in 2010. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration as a Finance Major from University of Texas at Austin in December 2001.  Trey has now owned over $300 million of multifamily investment property in Greater Houston, and is actively looking expand his portfolio. 

Trey has supported many charities including Camp Hope, The Boys and Girls Club, Lola’s Lucky Day, The American Red Cross, Tsunami Relief Fund, and others.

Trey enjoys time with his wife Erika and their three children.  He coaches his daughter’s soccer team, and enjoys taking his family to Texas ranches for down time away from the city. 

Trey has trained in martial arts since the age of eleven, and has trained in many cities around the US in mixed martial arts and jujitsu. He has enjoyed multiple trips to Brazil to train in Brazilian Jujitsu where it was created, and to enjoy the amazing Brazilian food and culture.